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About: The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement

I created GRCAM on a site called Gopher on November 10, 1991. I created GRCAM because I lack support from established black organizations in my former community. I turned to social media to broadcast my cause (Help Stop The Genocide In American Ghettos) in order to recruit qualified individuals to join my management team. My creator has given me a vision on how my organization will help end urban violence in my city. Since I lack the manpower and the capital to jump start my organization I decided to write and publish my action plan in order to generate capital so that I can hire qualified individuals to join my management team.
My book is just the beginning once I generate enough capital from my revised book and have my management team in place then I will start the Grass Roots Community Activist Institute in Chicago. GRCAI will empower local and national Actors, Actresses, Artists, Comedians, Fashion Designers, Film Makers, Models, Musicians, Performing Artist, Poets, Singers, and Writers.Our students will learn Film Making, Performing Arts, Entrepreneurship Training, Journalism, Book Writing, and Financial Literacy. We will offer internships and give stipends to our students and offer private employment to our clients and members based on our budget and sponsorship. In time we will offer a second chance program for ex-offenders, former gang members, and the homeless. My pledge to inner-city residents of Chicago is that none of our members will ever have to endure such humiliation and rejection as I did just for trying to do something positive in the black community.
The Grass Roots Community Activist Institute will utilize a membership based approach to recruiting and staffing. This collaborative effort results in better services. GRCAI will implement innovative programs that will set us apart from the competition. GRCAI will be committed to serving inner city youth and their families who reside in underserve communities. We will work closely with educators to identify students who are most likely at risk of dropping out of school and that need an intervention. We will offer tutoring, mentoring, and social services to prove to the community that we care about them as our own, by meeting their basic nutritional, spiritual and healthcare needs. GRCAI will offer unique programs and services that seek to better the individual and in turn, promoting community service, engaging in political activism, and much more. We will Focus on personal development of individuals through initiatives, youth programs, and civic engagement. By cooperating and collaborating with other organizations beyond the black community.
GRCAM gains its strength from its members and volunteers. Becoming a GRCAM member instills a sense of responsibility in an individual and provides a sense of community regardless of geographic location because it's currently online. Membership entitles an individual to participate in my free webinars, hold key leadership positions, and gain networking opportunities with other members. Membership in GRCAM is open to everyone on my friends list in the United States and those who live abroad who are committed to GRCAM mission and vision.
GRCAI will create our own media through the press and films to ensure a balance portrayal of the black community to the American public. GRCAI will monitor local, national media, to challenge negative stereotypes. In time its my hope that GRCAI can become a respected and credible source for journalism.
Community Alerts:
In an effort to empower the African American community, GRCAI will issues action alerts as a means of generating a grassroots response to critical issues. This will made a significant impact in bringing about real change at the local level. GRCAI will also offers an email alerts to subscribers designed to be a source of information and news for the African American community.

GRCAM will conduct community research studies on subjects relevant to the African American community, including gathering and analyzing data on various issues.

GRCAI will offers internships to our students who wish to gain experience in our classes from media relations, political activism or civil rights work.
GRCAI Publications:
GRCAI will offer a variety of publications that address the needs and rights of African Americans. These publications include guides for employers, educators, healthcare providers, and politics.
Conferences, Seminars and Workshops. GRCAI will hold live conferences and training seminars for our members, media professionals and the academic community. These events are designed to present easily accessible and accurate information about the African American community. GRCAI will provide diversity training workshops to employers, educators, and organizations. GRCAI will also provide training for the African American community and activists in areas such as media relations, public speaking, lobbying, and civil rights.
Voter Registration:
In order to increase African American participation in the political arena, GRCAI and our chapters will regularly sponsor voter registration drives across the country.
Community Outreach:
GRCAI will strive to educate others about what we do while forming cooperative alliances with other organizations beyond the black community.
It's my hope that through my revised book I will connect with 30 individuals within the United States who have read my story and who agree with my action plan to meet me in person. They must have degrees or training in the following areas: Executive Assistant, Accountant, General Manager, Social Worker, Associate Director, Financial Planner, Marketing, Information Technology Coordinator, Grant Writer, Lawyer, Development Assistant, Real Estate Broker, Business Manager, Insurance Agent, Administrative Receptionist, Human Resource Manger, Finance, Musician, Vocal Coach, Poet, Play Writers/ Film Makers, Actors/Actresses, Theater Director, Public Relation Specialist, Journalist, and Box Office Staff.
It’s also my hope that I could connect with people from the business community who are Angel Investors, Business Partners, Christian Entrepreneurs, and Social Entrepreneurs to discuss my for profit business plan. In contrast, I also plan on meeting with Donors, Philanthropist, and Sponsors to discuss my nonprofit business plan.
I created the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement on the belief that inner city youth and their families are entitled to respect, basic resources, and safety in their own community. The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement is currently a virtual Christian socialist organization. Christian socialism is a form of socialism based on the teachings of Jesus. Many Christian socialists believe capitalism to be idolatrous and rooted in greed, which some Christian denominations consider a mortal sin. Christian socialists identify the cause of social inequality is due to capitalism.
I welcome all Christian denominations in the faith, secular people, and moderate Muslims to participate in my free webinars. For 24 years I have been sharing my action plan to help end urban violence in Chicago both online and offline. From my Youtube videos, Blogtalkradio, my social groups, my blog post and now through my revised book “The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming,Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America” second edition. The question remains when will Black America wake up?
I am doing my best to find 30 qualified individuals within the United States who have read my story to come forth and work with me in moving my virtual organization GRCAM from behind a computer and start my business venture in Chicago known as the Grass Roots Community Activist Institute. Since 2001 over 4000 people has been killed in Chicago alone and as a result Chicago is currently the murder capital in America. We see that nothing out there is working to end senseless violence in Chicago, I provide an in depth action plan. My critics say that I am just trying to sell a book but what they fail to understand is that in order to start a business it takes capital. If I was just trying to make money I would have written my story 15 years ago. My book is just the beginning once I generate enough capital from my revised book and have my management team in place then I will start GRCAI in Chicago as mentioned in my book.
GRCAI is a spiritual, charitable, social, cultural, and educational service based organization. GRCAI will work to promote a positive image of low income African Americans through our media, education and community advocacy, GRCAI will puts forth an Afrocentric perspective to ensure the black voice is represented. In offering this perspective, GRCAI seeks to empower the black community, the family and encourage their participation in our political, spiritual, and social service activities.
GRCAI mission is to help end urban violence, poverty, structural inequality, institutionalized racism, and police brutality within the communities and cities we will serve if given a chance. In addition, we will help enhance understanding of black culture, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower African Americans, and build coalitions that promotes social justice and mutual understanding. GRCAM vision is to become the leading advocate for social justice and mutual understanding within the black community.
The Grass Roots Community Activist Institute will become a private, non-profit service base Christian organization in the Midwest without regard to ethnic or economic background. GRCAI will be the essential community resource for news and culture, filling the void in local journalism and cultural programming; to lead the way in the development of new technologies which will keep the community aware, informed, and engaged; to be the primary convener of discussion about the key issues affecting our community. An informed and educated citizenry is vital to a healthy democracy and a thriving community.
GRCAI will be dedicated to supporting coordinated services to enhance the lives of Chicago residents. GRCAI will work to promote the well-being of individuals, support single black families and strengthen the black community by providing direct assistance and administer resources. Offer a wide range of services from informational to recreational activities and address the diverse needs and interests of the community, from those who are healthy and active, to those who are frail and homebound.
The Grass Roots Community Activist Institute will provide healthcare, housing, and hope for hundreds of people in Chicago. Through care, private employment, advocacy, and housing, GRCAI will inspires people living in violent communities to reclaim their lives. We reject the notion that everyone in the hood is a lost cause, we will offer a wide range of programs and services to treat the whole person, rather than just the addiction. We will offer innovative programs on the Westside and Southside of Chicago and surrounding suburbs.
Our services would be assertive outreach, case management, housing, private employment, education, primary care, substance abuse treatment, and community research. The vision for GRCAMfest is to unite the Art community, with the Faith community to create a state of the art music festival venue as an tours attraction to revitalize both the Westside and the Southside inner cities of Chicago by uniting both sides together. The Grass Roots Community Activist Institute believe in the resilience and value of all individuals.
GRCAI believes everyone contributes to our society, and that everyone should have the same opportunity to live a life of value, self-respect, compassion, and dignity. All of our members have potential, full of gifts and skills to develop. By providing food, clothing, shelter and financial counseling. The Grass Roots Community Activist Institute will empower single black families and individuals of all races to realize their full potential.
We will assist individuals, single black families and urban communities in the provision of services which support and enhance growth and economic development in the areas of community development and outreach, family services, childcare services, housing services, senior services, employment services community nutrition programs, youth services, private employment and training, health promotion, community educational intervention and outreach initiatives.
Our services will help at-risk youth to keep them out of gangs, away from street drugs and give job training to adults with economic troubles, provide affordable housing for seniors, and organize in-home care services for seniors who need help caring for themselves. The Grass Roots Community Activist Institute will fulfills the Church's role in the mission of charity to those in need by providing compassionate, competent and professional services that strengthen and support individuals, single black families based on the value and dignity of human life.
In order to remain faithful to our mission, the Grass Roots Community Activist Institute will be guided by Respect, Compassion, Competence and Stewardship. Our mission and values are based on the firm foundation of Christian principles. These themes include the belief that human life is sacred; that all humans have inherent dignity, rights and responsibilities; that social structures like marriage and traditional family must be supported; that the needs of the poor and vulnerable must be met and that we must be responsible stewards of God’s creation.
It's my hope that GRCAI will be a gathering place for aspiring artists and upcoming entrepreneurs and eventually a gathering place to connect people interested in film, music, dance, design, theater, fashion, and culinary arts. Our events will attract hundreds of individuals, businesses and organizations for discussions & workshops, networking opportunities for local residents. We will have food, live music, and sports events to help fund our programs and services to make sure our neighborhood is safe vibrant and productive. This will be a lasting legacy in our community. It's my hope that GRCAI could someday become the Hub in the Midwest for emerging artists and upcoming entrepreneurs.
GRCAI will host live entertainment and all types of events, workshops and seminars with such topics as legal, financial and space issues. GRCAI will represent the great diversity within black culture from film making and performing arts to entrepreneurship from African Americans, Afro Brazilians, Caribbean Islanders, and Native Africans. I want to make Chicago a model first before we expand to 25 other cities within 25 states. Once we're established in America I plan on having Native Africans in America to assist me in setting up chapters in 25 countries in Africa.
I can't do this alone in order for me to achieve my goal, I need people on my friends list, people in my social groups, and Chicago residents to work with me by spreading my book information with your family, friends, place of worship, and also at your local community center. GRCAI is about building a strong unified global community and providing basic resources to families that want to utilize our programs and services.
GRCAI is open to all ordinary law abiding citizens, all racial groups, and undiscovered artist. GRCAI is private in order for me to weed out small minded individuals and people who careless about inner city youth and their families. This is my contribution back to my community, society, and throughout the African Diaspora. Peace over violence
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