(Calling On Brave & Smart People In America To Work With Me In Turning GRCAM Into Reality In 2017)

There is a great burden on me to connect with other like minded business people and spiritual minded people to work with me in advancing the Kingdom by empowering our inner-cities starting in Chicago. I have been in prayer concerning how we can further the greatness of this work in Chicago. God has put a few things in my spirit to share with those who will become business partners with me and who will be devoted to the cause Help Stop The Genocide In American Ghettos. I believe these initiatives, if embraced, will be to our advantage.

Theme: For 2017 “Our Inner City Youth Matters/ Restoring Kingdom Commitment” Matthew 6:10

The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement was created for me to connect with other spiritual like minded individuals from across the United States and from around the globe in unison to prepare for spiritual warfare by Setting the Captives Free through God’s holy word while meeting the basic needs of the communities we will serve. GRCAM is the fastest growing virtual Christian organization online. I’m using social media to reach Millennials an entire NEW generation of Believers from around the world.

For 25 years people online and offline has refuse to take my cause serious now since President elect Donald Trump has won the election once he starts cutting entitlement programs from the middle class, working class, and so called underclass people especially black people maybe then Black America will take a second look at my plan and work with me in putting my ideas into action. Once my organization is established in Chicago I will declare war on this Willie Lynch mentality within the black culture.

Urban violence is a moral issue and I refuse to just sit back and watch my people being slaughtered in the streets of Chicago. I want everyone in America to know my story and I encourage those of you who are concerned about my cause (Help Stop The Genocide In American Ghettos) by purchasing my revised book “The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America” second edition. The proceeds will go towards me hiring qualified people to assist me with the daily operations of my Christian organization the Grass Roots Community Activist Institute.

The Grass Roots Community Activist Institute aspires to the healing mission of Christ on both the Westside and Southside of Chicago. The mission calls us to care for the sick and promote the health of the residents in the community while witnessing the Christian values of respect, dignity, caring and compassion for all persons. GRCAI will show a special sensitivity to the culture of the people we serve and the special needs of the poor and powerless. GRCAI will accomplish our goal through the 8 Pillars of the ministry:

1) Practical Biblical teaching

2) Holiness & Righteous lifestyle

3) Honest & Integrity in leadership

4) Holy Ghost fire power

5) Conforming ministry for the 21st Century

6) Prayer & Fasting

7) Group Fellowship

8) Recreation

The Grass Roots Community Activist Institute will be recognized for its outstanding leadership and unwavering commitment in providing excellence in health care, and promoting and fostering comprehensive community wellness in the South Side community in Chicago. GRCAI will be sensitive and caring in reaching out to the community to facilitate the achievement of a physically, economically and spiritually healthy environment, characterized by high-quality programs and services.

GRCAI objective is to promote and provide black students and their families with the necessary tools to achieve academic success in all areas of their educational careers, teach and inform them about their rights and responsibilities in public education, and help them develop leadership skills to become effective leaders of their communities.

Our Commitment to Single Black Families

We belief that a cohesive family is the foundation for every human being’s development. Whether it be children, adults or the entire family unit, our programs and services are designed to holistically meet the needs of today's diverse family. It's who we are, who we serve and why we thrive. Our programs are designed to meet the entire spectrum of single black families in need: From nurturing and development of children and youth to empowering adults to build stronger, more vibrant communities, we are committed to the well being of our families.

Programs for Children and Youth

Our programs for children and youth will serve kids ages 2–18, securing a continuum of instruction and care that seeks to empower a new generation of community leaders. Delivering developmentally appropriate, holistic instruction and care to children ages 2–5 while empowering parents to work and/or attend college.


Providing children ages 5–12 a choice-based curriculum and access to social, emotional, and academic learning.

Youth Options Unlimited (YOU)

Developing leadership capacity in youth ages 12–18 in the context of a safe, engaging, supportive environment.

1. Prevention: Our goal is to recruit youth whom are slipping through the cracks of the educational system. Lead the youth to the right track of educational correction by providing the missing educational links.

2. Intervention: Our organization will assist all youth in the area of structural curriculum. Students will know what are the next courses needed to enable them to engage in their grade level of learning.

3. Youth development: The goal is to assist in closing the achievement gap by teaching youth the importance of partnerships. Home/Parent involvement, teachers/school support and community involvement.

4. Our Mentoring program: Tracking the students in our organization and supplying them with the necessary tools to assist them in their educational goals.

5. Engage with students: Create small educational group interactions with students for the purpose of preparing the student for higher education.

Adult Programs

At GRCAI we believe in the importance of education throughout the lifespan. That is why we will offer a multitude of Adult Programs that all provide participatory, outcomes-based education that promotes economic advancement, fosters community leadership, and encourage civic engagement.

Community Literacy and Tutoring

Empowering adults though peer based literacy and learning tutoring.

Technology Education

Teaching adults both basic and advanced computer skills in order to improve computer literacy and job skills.

Job Development

Skills training for individuals interested in jobs in high-demand fields such as healthcare and information technology.

Family Programs

Supporting, strengthening and empowering single black families is at the heart of the Grass Roots Community Activist Institute. We will provide multiple programs that empower single black families to overcome the challenges they face and thrive in today’s complex environment. Providing Chicago’s black residents with supportive services and access to affordable housing.

Health and Leadership

Engage parents and children to promote healthy living, self-esteem, wellness and confidence in under-served communities.

Social and Economic Empowerment

The Grass Roots Community Activist Institute places a high degree of importance on social, cultural, artistic, economic, and educational programs that help promote positive and innovative changes in the lives of individuals and their families.

* Provide consultation for new building purchases or expansion projects launch credit union to promote financial independence in urban communities we will serve.

* Enhance system of finance to ensure more effective and frequent reports. Develop a budget committee to help oversee our properties.

Marketing Strategies

* Promote our programs and services via billboards, local radio stations, local news papers and social media.

* Sponsor strategic area revivals to encourage spiritual development. Develop renovation plan to ensure it’s more suitable for conventions.

* Devise systematic plan in order to improve our urban communities throughout the Chicago land area.

Community Relations & Outreach

* Develop shelters for low income families in need of short term housing and restoration.

* Drug and alcohol recovery centers

* Establish GRCAI in ten other cities to ensure our programs and services continue.


While skill-building and intellectual development are central to our mission, we advocate for other critical issues on behalf of our community. We envision for a more just, inclusive society includes strengthening the voice of the disenfranchised. We strive to equip our participants with tools and a platform from which they can advocate to solve black issues, access to quality education, social justice and funding for our nonprofit programs in order to take a more active role in building up our urban communities to make them stronger, more vibrant community.


Youth ages 13-20 will participate in skills-based training in journalism, digital media, public relations, photography, while conducting local news within the community focusing on advocacy, urban violence, community policing, homelessness, and employment.

Afro Group

Black Teens will focus on personal development, life skills, career planning, community service projects, relationship building, and social etiquette in order to better prepare them to become productive men and women in the 21st Century.

Keep It Real: Choices & Consequences

This program targets elementary & high school students by providing mentoring, life skills training in a variety of areas, and future planning.

Our after school program

will focus on homework & tutoring, as well as test prep, research, and preparation for standardized tests including the GED. College readiness will help students with writing college essays, scholarship applications, and other needs.

GRCAI Technology

Music & Media provides connected learning opportunities for youth and young adults in production, poetry, spoken word, and blogging will be taught for self-expression, giving them a voice in real life issues, and encouraging entrepreneurship and business.

GRCAI Health & Wellness

Our staff will be committed to meeting the spiritual, physical, and educational needs of our local residents and our youth. We are a family of believers that looks to honor God in how to encourage and support one another. We are here to love and serve God by loving and serving the least of these in society. We are here to be good neighbors and to partner in the restoration of this organization.

We are proud to be part of the "Urban Village" that is helping to raise the children of Chicago. In a community riddled with crime, blight, poverty we will provide safety, stability, and hope. From Bible study to basketball, study hours to summer camp, we are committed to building personal relationships with the young people that come through our doors. Our Youth Ministry will serve the next generation through our films and stage plays. We love how God will move in the hearts of young people and call it a privilege to be called to this work.

* Every person regardless of his or her situation deserves to be treated with dignity and respect

* Everyone has an individualized optimal level of capacity. GRCAI ensures that our consumers have what is needed to build their capacity to whatever their optimal capacity level is; no one person is the same and therefore goals are individualized and not generalized

* The value of a person at GRCAI is not measured by his or her situation at any given time, but by the very fact they are human beings.

I have used social media as my platform to spark a movement of believers that are committed to seeing the gospel saturated in the Earth. There is a lack of resources to people who live in urban areas. We are passionate about seeing the urban church strengthened, bridging the gap between biblical truth and the urban context, and raising up urban leaders. the Grass Roots Community Activist Institute will used the platform we've been given by God to spark this new movement of believers that are committed to seeing the gospel saturated throughout the world.


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