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Tonight segment is entitled (Chaos At The State Capitol) I want to talk about the chaos which took place last Wednesday January 6 in Washington DC. I want to warn my listeners about being prepared and give an analysis from a black perspective. Whatever you do please stock up on can goods, vegetables and toiletries because we don't know the outcome of these events so be prepared if a Civil War breaks out or if martial law will be instituted prep for your health and wellbeing before the inauguration on Wednesday January 20th. Everyone have seen the chaos which happened last week in Washington DC. We have seen nothing yet thenext crisis will be food shortage. In 2021 and beyond The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement will be promoting a policy of Global Black Unity, Ownership and Community Support.

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With that being said we got a lot of things to talk about. For those of you who have watched the videos about theTrump Insurgents who attempted a coup in Washington DC. Trump supporters stormed the United States capitol building. No National Guard was dispersed. White Supremacist groups walk through the capitol building with very little resistance. We saw the police remove barriers in order for Pro Trump supporters to enter the building. They had automatic pistols, bombs and plastic ties. With themurder of Capitol Hill Police Officer Brian Sticknick everyone who entered the Capitol building is guilty of murder. The mainstream media is trying to plant a false narrative.Mainstreammedia have compared the response to the way police respond to a black protest like Black Lives Matter protest. When a black person is allege to have looted a store during a protest we are met with armored vehicles, military presence and guns pointed at us. They use rubber bullets, smoke bombs but with the MAGA crowd none of that occurs and many people are pointing out the hypocrisy. We're going to get empty lies about an open investigation.

You can't get no more insurrectionist than to storm the United States capitol building. Here is where Black People fall for Democrats acting surprised. The Democrats are just complicit with this mess as the Republicans.The Democrats emboldened these White Supremacist. Do the research most of these killings of Black People are done in Democrat run cities. TheseDemocrat prosecutors, mayors and district attorney's turn a blind eye to all of these Rogue Cops harming Black People. They knew law enforcement had been infiltrated by White Supremacist groups. Now thatWhite Supremacist has ran up into the senate building it's nothing for them to run up into a black elected officials home. This is why cooning don't pay because whenWhite Supremacist don't need them anylonger all of a sudden they want to slide back into the black community no thanks to the members of the Congressional Black Caucus. That's the price you pay for allowing criminals to infiltrate law enforcement. They had a mission and they were bold enough to execute their mission all because they were on code. We have to get codified we as Black People have to stop this plantation nonsense otherwise we will beannihilated.

This is history repeating itself. The night Abraham Lincoln was assassinated the insurrectionist went after his cabinet the Vice President, Secretary of State etc... they were attempting to decapitate the U.S. Government in one night. After the Civil War Robert Lee was allowed to go back to Virginia he became an Ivy League professor teaching insurrection to the next generation. Jefferson Davis the President of the Confederacy did a brief prison sentence. President Andrew Johnson decided to give him a pardon. This guy led the largest insurrection that the country every seen and now there's been a second insurrection.
Donald Trump has done Black America a favor he has woken the black masses. The U.S. has always put up a phony front to the world lecturing China about human rights abuses when America is killing black people on video for the world to see. There is a segment of the population who is never told that they're wrong and they are never punished.

Iguarantee you won't hear Joe Biden making a pledge that this unprecedented attack on the nation's sovereignty is going to be punished. They need to be hit with sedition and terrorism charges but none of them are talking about introducing legislation that will criminalizeWhite Supremacist groups. They committed treason against the United States but many of them are out on bail. Notice none of the right wing Evangelical Christians like Paula White are not criticizing there own party for storming the capitol building because they are all on code. We already have the Rico Act and the Patriot Act on the books to go after them instead we have journalist from the Washington Post saying this is government overreaching Black People need to stop agitating the situation I am reading between the lines. Clearly they're not against the attempted coup. What happen on Wednesday was a massive crime. They're making a few arrest there were thousands of people involved. This is a perfect example of white privilege. Part of that incentive is that they can get immunity from the law even for treason.

I am from Generation Xour generation is the first generation of Americans born after the Civil Rights Era. We were supposed to be the generation who would be part of the post racial society but it was a lie. The dominant society expected us to play along but what happened was we started to wake up. This country's propaganda arm ismain stream media. They gave the image that race relations were improving until they murdered Emmett Till. It all came to an end when they assassinated Dr. King. History books don't mention the murder of Fred Hampton. If you are upset with Donald Trump for his blatant racism then you should be equally upset with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for theirs?Joe Biden spent 35 years in the U.S. Senate and everyday was spent attacking black people through legislation and he was promoted eight years as Vice President. In contrast, Kamala Harris spent 25 years using the laws Joe Biden wrote in order to attack black people. You have both of these career politicians weaponizing the law against us. The racism thatDonald Trump has galvanized did not begin with him. What that means is once he is out of office the problem will continue.

The real threat are the ones who pretend to like us and sympathetictowards ourissues like Joe Biden & Kamala Harris. NeitherJoe Biden or Kamala Harris done anything about Rogue Cops killing black people like Matrice Richardson or Oscar Grant. We are unprepared to fight White Supremacist not because we lack the resources but rather because we lack the will and focus. Many blacks desire to be liked by the oppressorclass then being totally free. Anytime someone tries to tell you that America's record on race was better before Trump ask them when? Every since the gains our people made during the Civil Rights Movement both political parties entered into a partnership to weaponize the law against us. All 50 states passed laws if you were convicted of a felony you could not vote in that state.Then they begin Mass Incarceration of black people writing laws to criminalize anything a black person may do to make sure it ends up as a felony.That takes them off the voter rolls which means they don't have the ability to elect someone into public office. This will conclude our show for the evening thanks for listening and be safe out there.

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