(Examining The George Floyd Case And Getting On Code)


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My thoughts about the Derek Chauvin Trial. The systemic racism in the American Criminal Justice System have reduced the murder of black people down to a written process. After the murder of Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner I explain to my group members that we live in a system built from White Supremacy which has reduced the murder of black people down to a written process. George Floyd was killed during an arrest after a store clerk alleged he had passed a counterfeit $20 dollar bill in Minneapolis. Derek Chauvin, one of four police officers who arrived on the scene, knelt on Floyd's neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds. The Prosecutor is representing George Floyd their argument is that Derek Chauvin used excessive force against George Floyd by holding George Floyd down with his knee on his neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds. The Defense argument is that the reason why Derek Chauvin knee was placed on George Floyd neck because the crowd around the scene was a distraction. The Defense is also arguing that George Floyd did not die from Derek Chauvin pressure from his knee but whether from a condition he developed from his drug use.

I believe the defense is attempting to lower the charge from murder to manslaughter. The mainstream media is purposely putting the George Floyd case in front of us to make us upset and angry. I am still stock that black people were not outraged about the murder of Tamir Rice. People are protesting against corruption in our Criminal Justice System. It's 2021 and we still don't have a mandatory way of handling jury selection based on race. The current system in place is why black people are getting convicted. The Black Grass Roots need to get involved in reforming the way they select juries because that's where the convictions are handed down.

I came across an article from the New York Times and this article reinforces what I've been saying all the long. The article is entitled "What Are The Questions For Potential Jurors In The Derek Chauvin Trial?" The New York Times is using a questionnaire for the Derek Chauvin trial. As we examine the written process more closely I would like to encourage my listeners to read my transcript on my Medium Page so that you can follow along with what I am reading. It says a jury questionnaire shows what each side maybe looking for as jury selection begins next week. Scroll down to where it says:

#1. What do you know about this case from media reports?

Here's the New York Times answering the question this is why you need the New Black Voices of Media so that we can sort this kind of stuff out for you. Now I am scrolling down to where it ask you what podcasts do you regularly listen to? If you tell them that you listen to the New Black Voices of Media I wonder how that would go. It says generally speaking the defense will be looking for political conservatives with pro-law enforcement views. OK and what about what the prosecutor will be looking for? Notice the New York Times didn't ask that question.

#2. It says Have you ever been restrained or put in a choke hold, for example, by
law enforcement or during a self defense class?

Do you all really think that the prosecutors really want to see Derek Chauvin go to prison? This is the same state that acquitted Geronimo Yanez but sent Muhammad Noir to prison for a far more justifiable circumstance. We can see the only cops who go to prison are the black cops. The type of people they are looking for are
older black retired men because they hope they are harboring animosity towards young black people. Now when they are asking about gender that's a Q for LGBT. They know that for the most part many of them are trying to undermine other black people. They're gonna have some black faces on the jury and just understand what the questionnaire is asking for.

Scroll down to #12 Do you, or anyone close to you, have any training or experience in the following areas:


Law enforcement

Criminal Justice

Forensic science

Why would you not want people who know what they're talking about? That's a problem because they don't want someone with medical knowledge on the jury because you can't tell them that George Floyd suffocated to death because of some pre-existing condition. This questionnaire allows the court to cherry pick who they want on the jury without giving an explanation for why they chose one person over another.

#13. Have you, or anyone close to you, had any of the following experiences?

Victim of a crime?

Accused of a crime?

Struggle with drug addiction?

The jury system depends upon the prosecutor and the judge working together to twist the law in there favor. For example, 90% of the people who are arrested have to take a plea bargain. If the system was fair 90% of the people who are arrested would not have to take a plea because this system is rigged. Breonna Taylor's killers didn't get off with the grand jury they didn't got off because they are honest they got off because this system is rigged. The New York Times is trying to frame the discussion by saying these things are facts. It's a fact that George Floyd had drugs in his system. It's a fact that the jury system depends on the honesty of the jurors not the duplicity and cunning of the judge and the prosecutors.

Going back to #13 Have you been accused of a crime? This question is to eliminate
black men.

In America the Criminal Justice System when a Rogue Cop kill a black person the so called defense attorney's and the prosecutors work together and their job is to give the appearance of an impartial trial. I just wanted you all to see exactly how they select their jury across the country. What we are experiencing in America it's only happening because there are no repercussions for these Rogue Cops because they are protected because of Qualified Immunity.

Jewish People understood not having representation in the legal system was the death of them that's why they have Jewish lawyers and judges. Black People don't have such representation in the legal system we have hand picked Coons who are nominated by the Financial elites to pacify the masses.

If you look at the history of protest and uprisings in the United States the majority of protest is because of police brutality. For example, watch old footage of the LA Riots, the Baltimore protests over Freddie Gray's death, the Ferguson protests over Michael Brown shooting. It's always behind some rogue cop. The Financial elites want to protect that entity because without the enforcement wing of white supremacy there system will collapse. Career politicians prefer to give out millions of dollars from tax payers money to pay a settlement to the victims family instead of clamping down on rogue cops working in police departments. It's because black voters are not demanding the city councils and mayors to rid them out of the police departments. I don't hear anybody saying that our tax dollars should not be used for rogue cops misconduct. Our tax dollars should be used for infrastructure in our inner cities, black businesses and schools. The reason why protest and uprisings continue is because there is a lack of justice for black citizens.

My next topic Getting on Code

The only thing we as black people can do is to re-group and work with me in getting GRCAI of Chicago up and running for the sake of the next generation. Like it or not we are in the end game in America. The current strategy is not working. Y'all have to get off that hamster wheel. One of my group members who reside in Atlanta ask me is it a good idea for black people to boycott Delta because according to him Stacey Abrams said so. I told him that black people should not boycott Delta because Stacey Abrams is in cahoots with the Democratic agenda. They have many blacks thrilled to death about weakening our position and we don't get anything out of it. She wants black people to help Illegal Immigrants have the right to vote with an ID. Delta is the number one employer for black people in Atlanta. This is so Illegal Immigrants can vote and neutralize the black vote.
Since 1789 we've had appointed judges in both political parties and the predicament for black people in America is still the same so voting is not the answer. Truth be told it's not about voting voting gives the illusion of inclusion.

GRCAM is about trying to develop an economic power base in order to help the youth that are growing up. I'm at a place where I just want to connect with other like minded Black People who want to build something positive in the black community before I cut and run to Africa. Like it or not but we are in competition with other racial groups for resources. Either you are for black liberation or not.
We need economic freedom and through GRCAM we have to build an economic power base within the black community starting in Chicago so that we can start pushing the culture forward. There has to be a division among us otherwise we will not survive.

The oppressor has done everything to us from Colonialism to Enslavement this was all about capturing our minds. The majority of our people's mindset are still in the hands of the oppressor. Freedom is not something that you inherit if you are black every generation must fight for their freedom as long as we remain in America.

I've been preaching to my group members about the importance of having a code of conduct within our racial group for 29 years. A code of conduct is knowing what's best for our group interest and we act accordingly. You can't call yourself a leader until you have created tangibles for your group. Building a legacy is more than just talk it is what you own, what you control and what you can pass down to your descendants. We have a lot of black people who are off code because White Supremacy has been throwing crumbs at them. This is the reason why we have so many black people who are off code. They will try to undermine us because unlike them we have decided not to part take in there program. Code enforcement is important for a group survival. When we left those plantations we took the race traitors with us. Today is a new day GRCAM is on the scene. If Black America is serious about having true liberation then it would not have taken me 29 years to get my members on code.

Dr. John Henry Clark said your religion is supposed to empower you and if your
religion gets you to sit on your hands in the face of your oppression than that's not a religion it's a doctrine of subordination. Black Economic Empowerment is about the right group feeding itself. No free loaders all members must contribute something in the building of our organization. White Supremacy has no problem subsidizing your self destruction. That might be good enough for the Pookies, the Ray Rays and the Bushikas but the question for those of us who are about that B1 life is whether or not that's good enough for us? Black Economic Empowerment is a decision to be the master of your own destiny. Dumping dead weight is no big thing for me. I am under no illusion that everybody who has been listening to me over the years are going to heed to my advice. The people who want to remain under White Supremacy let them be because where they're not going is with us.

Let me be clear the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement will not be a machine for off code behavior. GRCAM will never cosign that this self destructive behavior in the black culture for we will raise the bar in Black America, Africa, the Caribbean and Brazil.

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