(Exposing Plantation Politics In America)

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Tonight's Topic: Exposing Plantation Politics In America

On Thanksgiving I visit a close friend of mind we ended up talking about the election so I decided to talk about the election with the Global Black Family and what it means for us. It looks like Joe Biden has been selected as the new President-elect. According to Joe Biden's Twitter Page he said "Especially for those moments when this campaign was at it's lowest the African American community stood up for me again.They always have my back, and I'll have yours." This is the basis of holding Joe Biden accountable at his own words for the next four years. This is why we have to at Joe Biden about our tangibles for Black America. Barack Obama got away with not doing anything for us because the Black Baby Boomers was satisfied with black representation or black faces in high places. The black vote has been impotent and ineffective there are people among us who prefer to keep it that way. Black People are the only group that do not vote as a collective for white supremacy.

For example, I have a video clip of Congressman James Clyburn saying that he does not want anything from the Biden Administration. James Clyburn voted for the 1994 Crime Bill aka Biden's Law. And just like Joe Biden Clyburn refuses to apologize for the damage that he help create against the black community.
James Clyburn real constituency isn't black people or the voters of his district but rather white corporate interest who have made him rich.

People like him and the Congressional Black Caucus are selling out black people's interest. They have to serve the interest of their white (DNC) Democratic National Convention masters. This attack on the black grass roots is coming from the left wing white supremacist. The grass roots agenda is what black people want but these so called black leaders entire job hinges on whether or not they can control Black People that's what the black Misleadership class is all about. The white establishment put them there. They're put in place to get us to act against our own interest. James Clyburn is worried that he is losing his influence on black people in South Carolina. He was unable to get black people to turn out for Jamie Harrison how long before black people stop voting for him? The Roland Martins and Van Jones represent the old black media we are the New Voices of Black Media and we will expose those who try to mislead us or hurt our interest. The Congressional Black Caucus is nothing more than a black boule, bootlicks and sellouts they don't advocate for black people they only lookout for themselves. They tell black people not to push for economic tangibles.

Black People have chosen of our own free will to be involved in an abusive relationship with the dominant society. We have these so called black leaders claiming they are working for our best interest but all they do is blame us for there failures in office. They're getting rich because of us and when we demand what we want they cry foul. Our black politicians tell us that demanding Rogue Cops who murder black people be punished is politically unpopular.

The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement is encouraging the Black Grass Roots to tell the Biden Administration if they don't meet our demands in terms of economic tangibles and
punishingRogue Cops then we're withholding our vote. It's better to lose an election and get the policies we want than to win an election and get nothing. The black grass roots objective is to gain wealth, freedom, justice and social equality. In America one political party (Republicans) claims to be the white man's party. In contrast, (Democrats) claim to be the party for everyone this is how you allure people in for oppression for the long haul. You have to get them to buy into the idea that the system is going to address the very problems it created. Barack Obama just sat on his hands while violence was being carried out against black people. That's the game both political parties are playing.

The way a true democracy is suppose to work is by having constituents make demands and the politicians are suppose to carry out those demands in office this is why we elect them. As I mentioned in my revised book (The Solution For Black America) In the 1960'e our leaders were trick into pushing for integration. Our leaders told our grandparents that the most important thing was getting black faces in high places. What we got were race traitors like John Lewis and James Clyburn. James Clyburn has not been politically punished for his treason against black interest and that's our fault for allowing him to remain in office. Those of you who have voted for Joe Biden is validating Kamala Harris and Job Biden 60 plus years of anti-black racism. Joe Biden's policies for the first 100 days in office will focus on Immigration and LGBT agenda. Illegal immigrants and the LGBT community did not get him into office according to his tweets on Twitter it was the black vote. He wants to attach our struggle with other groups to our legislation that our grandparents fought and died for. These groups have more protection under the law than us.The financial elites want to permanently neutralize the black vote.

According to Marie Claire from the article (Joe Biden's First 100 Days In Office: What He's Sworn To Do) by Bianca Rodriguez. Joe Biden's Plan for Immigration she list 14 bullet points. She mentioned specific tangibles for Latinos they want resources at the border. She is only focusing on her people even though in Florida her people voted for Trump. Kamala Harris told us they can not discuss specific tangibles for black people. They only talk like this when it comes down to black people stressing our interest in the political game of politics. Joe Biden wants to create a pathway to citizenship for 11 million Illegal immigrants. He's going to support dreamers and their families what about black families? We've been hurting for years. No country on the planet rewards citizenship to people who have broken the law. We don't have enough resources for our own citizens as it is. Bottom line he wants to give amnesty to illegal immigrants to make sure they replace the black vote.

Joe Biden's Plan for the LGBT Community. She list 2 bullet points. Automatic protection under the law. Direct Federal resources to help prevent violence
against transgender women. Assaulting anyone is a crime no matter if they are straight or homosexuals. He also wants to pass the Equality Act. What happen to the argument that you can't do something just for one group of people it has to be for everybody? American politics is shifting towards LGBT and non-black issues. I'm going to close with my thoughts about the election results. We have to turn this event towards our benefit. We're not driven by politics were driven by rebuilding our community so that we can have an economic base.
We're up against multi-million dollar corporations. The facts are Joe Biden will help Illegal immigrants, the LGBT community and the Asian community everyone else except for us.

The reason why I and others have ask you to sit this election out was to get the attention of black people specifically black people who's ancestry is traced back to American slavery. At this point the most important thing that we can do is be on code and be persistent. Mainstream media will try to get black people who voted for Joe Biden to feel like they won something. They want us to stop talking about economic tangibles and punishing Rogue Cops for them the only thing worth talking about is getting Trump out of office. Because Immigration, LGBT transgender bathrooms and the environment is what matters. When do we deal with the racial wealth gap in America? The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement is attempting to break that programming of do nothing type of attitude among black people. We want to raise up black critical thinkers in the 21st century.

Who was Joe Biden's base? When Kamala ran during the primary she was rejected by the black community. The Financial elites had a vested interest in getting Trump out of office. I believe a few Republicans may have been in on removing Trump from office because they are in the pockets of the financial elites. If we're going to have an election I want to make sure it's done the right way. If you give black people economic tangibles then we will legitimately vote for you. When mainstream media give black people too much credit it's a setup waiting to happen. Black People did not do this massive support for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The media is pushing this illusion that a lot of black people are supportive of Kamala because she is a "woman of color." There are 3 groups of people caping for Kamala.

The first group is Boulet people like Roland Martins and Monique Presleys. The second group is black immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean. The third group is hood rats. I predict once the new administration is sworn into office we will have mandatory vaccines starting with black people. According to Times of India Joe Biden administration will provide Us citizenship to over 500,000 Indians. Meaning they are going to bring more anti black contempt. Kamala told us what she can't do for black people but she's gonna use our tax dollars to help fund her people to America. We gotta have a cultural revolution within Black America.

Black People must be condition to only accept economic tangibles. We are not going to past down what the Black Baby Boomers has given us. We are through watching other groups eating off the table what our ancestors labored for while we're being denied what is rightfully ours. Some of you who have been with us on Facebook for 16 years know how hard it was in the beginning when nobody was listening. We were just a small group talking this black empowerment stuff. Well we're not so small anymore due to our podcast. This is just the beginning our goal in 2021 is to get our film project fully funded and made so that we can put our story on the map. I am not here to coward behind a computer I am here to recruit brave and smart Black People and African People. I need smart boots on the ground starting in Chicago. Black Empowerment is not about one political election we're in this for the long haul. This will conclude our podcast for tonight.

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