(Exposing The Political Game To Undermine The Black Agenda)

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With that being said tonight's segment is entitled (Exposing The Political Game To Undermine The Black Agenda).

It's official President elect Joe Biden became the 46 president of the United States on Wednesday January 20th 2021. The moment President elect Joe Biden got sworn into office Immigrant groups began pushing there issues. Mind you many of them are Illegal and unable to vote. They are being rewarded for breaking the law.
Sadly to say when it comes to Black People and politics many of us never seem to learn it's about tangibles.

We should have learned our mistake from Obama it's up to the Black Grass Roots to push the envelop about a black agenda which would include Reparations & Repealing Qualified Immunity. They will also have to put notice on the Congressional Black Caucus if they continue to refuse to represent black interest then we will replace them with new people that have our best interest. Immigration is not our issue no other caucus focus on black issues.

He already made it clear what his promises are on Day One according to CBS News:

A COVID-19 response - By rejoining the World Health Organization.

Immigration - They're going to send a bill to Congress for legislative immigration reform that will modernize our immigration system and give 11 million undocumented immigrants a roadmap to citizenship. Reading between the lines they are flooding this country with Illegal immigrants in order to neutralize the black vote. The Financial elites want to throw another group to compete against us for resources and the sad thing a lot of black people voted to help the Democrats do this voting against our own interest thanks Black America. Many black people don't really understand the political game if they would have read my revised book then we would not be in this mess.

Climate Change - President Joe Biden sign executive order to formulate a plan to achieve 100% clean energy economy and net zero emissions by 2050.

Trans Gender Rights - President Joe Biden repealed transgender military ban enacted by former President Trump. Restore Obama era guidance for transgender students in schools to protect students access to sports, bathrooms and locker rooms in accordance with their gender identity.

Environment - President Joe Biden enact an executive order to conserve 30% of America's lands and waters by 2030.

The five things listed none of them have anything to do with a black agenda. Look at all of his promises made on day one to Illegal Immigrants and the LGBT community. The first 100 days the Biden Administration will be adding more protection for transgender women and more protection for LGBT Americans. He's not thinking about black people. As I mentioned on my podcast in November entitled Exposing Plantation Politics In America what sense does it make to vote for this man his track record speaks for itself? Biden's agenda prioritize everyone else except for black people. Black America your shucking and Jiving is going to result in real consequences.

Immigrants did not put Biden in power nor did the LGBT community put Biden in power Black People did. This is coming from the main stream media don't take my word for it check it out for yourself (play sound bite) Also let's see what Dr. King had to say about immigration. Black People delivered Georgia and the senatorial seats as well as the Presidency. This is the reason why this podcast is important on here we will give you political education so that you can disregard people who are trying to get you to vote against your own interest. Those of us in black media and in the black grass roots will never develop a taste for being abuse by the dominant society. The next four years are going to be a learning experience for Black People and African People.

Black America have a legal grievance from the United States Government institutionalized racism and public policies have deprive Black Americans socially and economically. When black people were on plantations they learned how to be subservience, doing hard labor and being sexually exploited. What's the difference between an African slave and a African American? An African slave had no agenda other than to serve his master. African slaves work for 246 years for free by force. In contrast, a majority of African Americans have given 60 years of there votes to the Democrats without an agenda. Other groups are voting for there interest or tangibles. As a collective we don't see ourselves as having power. Black Power meant once we have real power through economics then we won't have to worry about racism because we would be self sufficient.

The Financial elites know how vain and superficial black people are because they are the architects of this Willie Lynch mentality. Black People like to show off there New Cars, Homes and Jewelry. I've been preaching about the state of Black America for years but no one wanted to hear about a solution. As I stated many time on this show once my Christian business is up and running in Chicago I will declare war on this Willie Lynch mentality within the black culture through my business. Because of the disunity among black people I predict that our communities are going to get worse. Atlanta use to beknown as the Black Mecca now Atlanta is slowing dying with 168 murders and facing urban gentrification. This is happening across America in such cities as Detroit, Philadelphia and Chicago.

Black males are 6% of the population yet we are almost half of homicide victims. 90% of the homicides are committed by other black male or as I call it urban terrorist.
In my organization we will separate ourselves from the Pookie and Rayray's. The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement will operate several functions within the black community media, entertainment, faith, family friendly events, educational seminars/workshops and job creation.

We will raise the bar in Black America. We also have to know the people who stand against our interest the so called sell outs who are giving us false information because they are in the pockets of our oppressors. We need to know the names of every police officer working in our community. We're tax payers and we're suppose to know who's policing our community. We clearly see that the police department have been infiltrated by suspected white supremacist due to the chaos at the state capitol. Many Rogue Cops are dangerous they're not following the constitution. Again it's up to the black grass roots to be the watch out group for the black community. We've seen on January 6 that the state is not doing a good job screen the police. Black People we have to come off this building a multi racial coalition and start practicing group economics first.

Now that Trump is out of office who are we going to blame for our problems? I knew black people were going to march to the polls to elect the Democrats without an agenda. The Financial elites want to prioritize immigrant groups over us. The main reason they are doing this is to undermine the Black Agenda. My frustration is with black people. Joe Biden has a track record the 94 crime bill gave rise to mass incarceration of black people now black people have rewarded him for his actions. The reason why we are in this predicament is because black people refuse to unite. He put six executive orders for Illegal Immigrants on day one to neutralize the black vote. They tell us that there's no money for Reparations but they have grants and scholarships for Illegal Immigrants and there children.

Africa is the richest continent on the planet, and yet it is home to the poorest people in the world. The question then is why? The answer because the former colonizers control the economy. For example, the G20 debt initiative claim to offer temporary pause on debt repayment but they won't offer debt cancellation. Africa is being set up for another neo-colonization this time by China. The G20 are not a friend of Africa because instead of them cancelling Africa's debt so that Africa can focus on building herself up again the financial elites prefer to continue stealing her natural resources. GRCAM plan on bring the Diaspora to the continent to help re-educate our people and bring our talents and skills to help improve Africa's infrastructure hopefully in 10 African nations God's will.

The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement is trying to mobilize brave and smart Black People and Continental Africans to embrace my vision for transformation on the African continent. That’s why the Grass Roots Community Activist Institute is needed in Africa so that we can train people to develop the skills and strategic action to make Africa what it had during the golden age influence and power at the grass roots level.

Here's a history lesson we can use for our advantage President Lyndon B. Johnson did not support the Civil Rights bill our grandparents kelp pushing the envelop or issue until it was passed. Power does not respect begging you have to keep pushing the issue either through economic boycotts or by with holding your vote from a particular political party until the matter is resolved. Young people do not let this president give incentives to all these other groups while ignoring us. I am done with my presentation and now I am opening up the virtual phone lines for Q & A

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