(GRCAM Ready To Lead Pushing 4 New Black America)

I you have given me to share with the public. Remove those who stand against the vision off my page and out of my life iI can understand why secular people won’t step forward because their spiritual eyes are not open. I have many Christians on my friends list who still refuse to step forward in working with me directly in order for me to begin spreading my vision and my organization from behind a computer. Many of them have leads to literary agents and even have access to small publishers but they continue to remain on my page and ignore my request. As a result GRCAM remains stagnate it’s not my fault it’s not God fault it’s those with the talent and skills who refuse to get on board to do something about our situation. Without the ordinary people backing Dr. King The Civil Rights Movement would not have taken place. Today, our people are so Americanized “I got mind you get yours mentality” that we are unable to complete the great work of our grandparents. This is why I wrote my story to bypass these passive spectators who will only step forward after we have put in all of the work to get GRCAM started. For 20 years I have been trying to get established black organizations to work with me such as the Chicago NAACP, The Chicago Urban League, Operation Push, and yes even the black church they all ignored me because they viewed me as a small fry without any political clout nor any relationship to the current system.

Heavenly father, allow me and my advisory board to find the best publisher before the end of this year and allow those who want to help us with our cause to under and accept the vision you have given me to share with the public. Remove those who stand against the vision off my page and out of my life in Jesus name. Allow GRCAM to fulfill Dr. King’s dream to end poverty and structural inequality in America through this organization. Allow my secular friends and associates to learn of you through the great miracles you are going to perform through this organization. Our churches today are starting to have a profit motive rather than working together like we once did during our grandparents time pushing the social gospel. As a Christian socialist I have a duty to speak out against evil in our society. Our leaders have put gay rights over public safety by not changing the current gun laws in our country. Lord have mercy on us and allow my book to become a best seller and allow me to travel to 25 states in America to build a support base for GRCAM chapter and allow my story to become a movie to reach the masses. Allow me to expand GRCAM to Africa, Brazil, and the Caribbean Islands to give my people a chance to have a quality education and to hire those who will become future members. Most of all, awaken the black church and other churches, as well as the Mosque to stand in agreement with the vision you have laid upon me. Ezekiel 37:4 Again he said unto me, Prophesy upon these bones, and say unto them, O ye dry bones, hear the word of the LORD.

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