(GRCAM Stand Against Police Brutality and White Supremacy)

Everyone has seen the uprising in Minnesota and across the United States. The fact that there are armed racist thugs with a badge and with a license to kill at will. This is state policy being carried out. If the state did not want this to happen then they would punish the police for his or her actions. In Lansing Michigan white militia groups with carrying guns went to the State House where big wigs make public policy. Do you think that they would allow black men to do the exact same thing?

Why the murder of George Floyd had so much reaction? If something continues long enough people will become inured or desensitized to it. If it’s something that’s egregious people might react. In Minnesota you have the State District Attorney already telegraphing what he expects to do. The game has not gone the way they expected which was going to be a show trial. The white media claim that the public supports this violence but due to the work of the black media & the black grassroots network have been reaching these jury pools. DA’s are finding it harder to do a show trial to derail the prosecutor at the grand jury phase.

The Washington Post put out a story about how Police Chiefs across the country are disgusted by the video of George Floyd being murdered. The police are aware of the anger and rage through the nationwide protest against police brutality towards black people. For example, Alva Braziel was an unarmed black man who was shot down in the street with his hands up by Rogue Cops. They can’t stop using violence because that’s the only way the financial elites can continue their system of oppression. Legitimacy comes from others either by what they are willing to accept or by what they refuse to accept. The law is what ever the public are willing to abide by. If the public decide to disregard a particular law then that law doesn’t exist because it has no legitimacy. The reason why the police held a press conference is because they know if the public disregard the laws on the books then technically they would be stripped of their legitimacy.

The black media and the black grassroots network call for punishment and the overhaul of the entire police department in America. The lies and talking points are not going to fly we must stay the course. Violence begets violence and lawlessness begets lawlessness. Law means rules that everyone is governed by. In the United States you have one set of laws for white people, opposite set of laws for black people and no laws for white officers that’s the definition of lawlessness. The violence did not start with the burning of Target and Auto Zone. The violence started with the murder of black people in the streets. The white media is trying to make false equivalence between property damage over the murder of an unarmed black man. They are unphased about how horrifying it was to watch that video of a black man dying in the street. There are no laws on the books to punish people for calling the police on black people for none crimes. Actually it’s a crime to give a false police report.

If my organization (the Grass Roots Community Activist Institute) already established then I would encourage my members under our political component to have a referendum about creating a law that gives black people civil authority to sue someone for calling the police on them for none crime. We as black people have to learn how to work together it’s been 28 years that I have been reaching out to brothers and sisters in my city and online.
Now I am at the point to take my story to the big screen in order to reach black millennials and generation Z across the United States and around the globe. When you have Rogue Cops engaging in open rampant carnage against unarmed black citizens then we have a right to defend ourselves and defend our fellow citizens from state violence. We have a right not to be violently attacked by law enforcement. The white media thought they programmed everyone to accept the police version.

The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement is trying to bring about a new system through my business by turning but I lack enough support to turn my virtual Christian socialist organization into a real Black Business and showcase our members who are upcoming black business owners to see their products and services to the Global Black Family that’s why I plan on turning my revised book into a film so that our people can finally be liberated it starts with fighting against this Willie Lynch mentality among our people. There will always be people who refuse to accept oppression that is were state violence come in to play. The oppressors or another name for them is the financial elites requires dedicated apparatus whose purpose is to enforce white supremacy by using mass intimidation and control. Corruption is not a natural state. Lawlessness is not a natural state it is imposed on society by the power that be. Corruption is an artificial life support for the lowest common denominator of people in our society.


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