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Tonight's Topic: GRCAM Stand With The End SARS Nigerian Youth Protesters

Last Thursday I touch on this topic about the senseless violence the Nigerian government has brought on it's citizens. Our condolences goes out to the young Nigerian protesters who are being targeted by corrupt police. Around the time I was working on my presentation I was informed that one of my family members was killed by an urban terrorist in Chicago. I want to thank everyone on my Facebook friends list for showing some love on my page. If it was up to me I would have left Chicago 10 years ago but my creator wants me to create my Christian business in Chicago in the devil's strong hold the black ghettos. He wants me to setup satellite communities within the ghettos to assist black families that want to utilize our programs and services. This will help our credibility when we expand to Africa.

Before I share my thoughts about what's happening in Nigeria I will play to videos in order for this to hit home then I will share my presentation and open up the virtual phone lines for Q & A known as Side B.

Here's a video clip from Dr. Mumbi the SARS protest against Rogue Cops in NIGERIA. But the same NIGERIA military will never do this to any European citizen


End SARS is a social movement against police brutality in Nigeria. Young protesters is calling for the disbanding of (SARS) which is an acronym for Special Anti-Robbery Squad. It's a notorious unit of the Nigerian Police Force with a long record of abuses going as far back as 1992. There mission was to tackle issues of Armed Robbery and Kidnapping. There have been allegations about SARS officers were engaged in kidnapping, murder, theft, rape,unlawful arrests, extortion, illegal road blocks, conduct unwarranted checks and searches, torture and human rights abuses. What sparked a lot of outrage was a video footage showing SARS officers dragging two Nigerians out of a car and shooting one of them in cold blood.

Mass demonstrations occurred throughout major cities of Nigeria, about 20 million hashtags have been accumulated on Twitter alone. The Nigerian protesters proposed a list of five demands to their government.

1. To end SARS.
2. The immediate release of all arrested during the protests as well as compensation for all who died under police brutality in Nigeria.
3. They demanded an independent body to be set up within 10 days to investigate and prosecute all reports of police misconduct.
4. The protestors asked for the psychological evaluation and retraining of SARS operatives before they are deployed to any other police unit.
5. They asked for an increase in the salaries for officers of the Nigerian police.

The Nigerian Police Force announced that they were going to dissolve the unit immediately. However, it was noted similar announcements had been made in recent years to pacify the public without the unit actually being disbanded, and that the government had merely planned to reassign SARS officers. There have been international demonstrations in solidarity with what's happening in Nigeria. The movement has also grown increasingly critical of Muhammadu Buhari's response to the protests. The most disgraceful thing to see is happening to Nigerian citizens is to see the Nigerian military shooting at unarmed protesters.

Here at the Black Media we want to see Nigeria prosper. This is a place for us to share our voices and to let the Global Black Family know what is happening. The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement condemn the military shooting at unarmed protesters. International celebrities are speaking out against the senseless violence of unarmed protesters. I don't understand as a Black American how an African government can brutalize it's own citizens. I am done with my presentation we are now opening up the virtual phone lines I am encouraging my Nigerian friends to come on the show and speak about what's happening on the ground.
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