(Hood Liberator: Reclaiming The Black Community, Rebuilding The Black Family, And Restoring Lives -

(Hood Liberator: Reclaiming The Black Community, Rebuilding The Black Family, And Restoring Lives - A New Vision For Black America In 2014)

Me and my advisory board members (three people out of 125,000 people whom I correspond with online from 300 social networks) are in the process of looking for rental space on the Westside of Chicago which will serve the Austin community, Garfield Park community, and North Lawndale community to start my private school The Grass Roots Community Activist Institute. Once we’re established on the Westside we will expand to the Southside of Chicago to unite our community and our people. Once we are established in Chicago we will expand to 25 other cities within 25 states as mentioned in my book.

They will be as follows: Alabama; Arkansas; California; Connecticut; Florida; Georgia; Illinois; Indiana; Kansas; Louisiana; Maryland; Michigan; Minnesota; Mississippi; North Carolina; New Jersey; New York; Ohio; Oklahoma; Pennsylvania; Texas; Tennessee; Virginia; Washington; and Wisconsin. Once we’re established in 25 states we will expand abroad to Africa, Brazil, and the Caribbean Islands to people that want and need our services. Mission To help end urban violence as mentioned in my book “The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America” Second Edition and to enhance the well-being of African Americans starting in Chicago and also to offer competent programs, services, education and research within the communities and cities we will serve. The Grass Roots Community Activist Institute is based on my book and my virtual organization the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement (GRCAM), which started back in 1991. We will offer specialize programs and services for youth, seniors, and families. We will advocate the social well being of our clients and members through skills training and enrichment activities for all age spectrum. In time we will offer substance abuse prevention and family support services. Once we find a place of business I will be out in the field and less time on social networks. Once I start generate enough capital from my book proceeds I plan on turning my book into a movie.

Those of you who have been working with me behind the scene and is a member of my social groups I will openly reward you by giving you a chance to come to Chicago as soon as I have my team in place (thirty people) and once we find a place of business in Chicago you are welcome to meet and greet our clients and members in person so that you can promote your business/ministry for three months free of charge. I will also give everyone on my friends list and is active in my groups to have a chance to be in our upcoming plays, films, or to participate in our talent shows, and fund raising parties at local events just as long as you are keeping the lines of communication open with me and if you can prove that you have purchased my book. I want to make this a meaningful experience so many fake people online I am an authentic urban author and upcoming social entrepreneur. This is my contribution back to my community and throughout the African Diaspora. Real Christian Socialist Online

Chapter One My Testimony

This book begins with my experience living in the black ghetto/the hood, and how I was illegally removed from my home while I was thrust into the foster care system also the abuse I endured.

Chapter Two Freedom

I explain about my return to my family and my experience living in the hood, also my ordeal surviving in a hostile environment during my teen years. Hearing stories about my friends and neighbors being beaten or killed on a daily basis.

Chapter Three On Faith

In chapter three I explain what Christian socialism means to me and about my personal relationship with my creator as well as the vision that he has given me in spiritual terms. I discuss my experience growing up in the black church and the problems with black church today.

Chapter Four
The Black Community

I do a self analysis about the conditions facing the black community and what we can do collectively to solve our social problems by using GRCAM as a new method to solve our issues once and for all.

Chapter Five Leveling The Playing Field

I discuss how institutionalized racism and structural inequality has played a role in robbing the urban community also how public education, real estate companies, and insurance companies have influence the social conditions in the black ghettos/the hood in this day and age.

Chapter Six The Drug Problem

I explain how we can effectively solve most or all of the drug problem in our neighborhood and in our country.

Chapter Seven My Political Views

I provide my own personal political views on how to confront gun violence, poverty, and structural inequality in America also how we can collectively change our city and state laws. I discuss why African Americans and others should join the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement. I express my personal views about capitalism also give a complete history and definition of it as well as democratic socialism.

Chapter Eight The Right Path

This is my message to generation Y and young adults to see the value of joining The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement.

Chapter Nine The Talk

I discuss STD’s the history of sexually transmitted disease in America.

Chapter Ten The Plan/The Road Map

This is the most important chapter in the book, because I lay out all of the principles that everyone must accept in order for the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement to be effective under the current system.

Chapter Eleven Hood Awakening

I discuss my vision of a better society in which all of us can reach our life goals without continuing being victims of the system. I discuss how we can become free from debt, inflation, and taxes. Finally, I encourage the reader to interact with me directly online through Skype, Teleconference, or Yahoo Messenger. The ideas and concepts offered in this book will only work, if they are applied and put to use. Each person that purchases my book automatically becomes an ally. In time, when I gather enough support from the Black Community, I will begin my organization in every ghetto in America starting in Chicago. The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement is a new movement in Black America which will focus on single black mothers, single black fathers, and low income two parent families that reside in the black ghetto/the hood. GRCAM will deliver goods and services to the black ghetto by creating legitimate jobs in the black community to give our young people a chance to opt out of the drug game and become productive citizens. GRCAM is a private for profit service based business representing the kingdom of light.

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