(Trying To Make A Significant Impact In The Inner Cities OF Chicago & 10 Other Cities In America)

After seeing too little progress being done to improve our inner cities of Chicago and being ignored by established black organizations in my city, I created the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement to put a stake in the ground with a bold and aggressive goal to start a new movement in Black America. I am using the only tools currently available to me to get my message out to the public that is my Youtube videos, my Social Groups, my Blog Postings, my Blogtalkradio show, my Free Webinars I hold on Facebook, Google Plus and Skype yet my message continue to fall on deaf ears. The only thing which is preventing me from turning my Christian organization into a real business is the lack of manpower and the capital this is why I continue to re-emphasizing my revised book “The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America” second edition.

I am using social media and my revised book as a platform to help raise awareness about genocide which is taken place in our inner cities in America and what I plan to do about it if given a chance. I am looking for like minded individuals who are interested in working with me and that is dedicated to this cause Help Stop The Genocide In American Ghettos by working together with me to turning my vision into a reality. We will do community research, and support inner city youth and their families which will create real hope to improve the lives of children and their families affected by urban violence, homelessness, and provide humanitarian services to people in need. We will provide quality health care services in underserved communities for inner city youth and their families, enabling them to lead productive and healthy lives. We will ensure dignified, respectful and equal access to quality education and services. We will form cooperative alliances with
similar community organizations.

The Grass Roots Community Activist Institute will provide after school programs and give young adults the opportunity to explore and develop their talents, while gaining critical skills for work, college and beyond. We will offer sports training and athletic competition in a variety of sports for children and adults to give them opportunities to develop physical fitness and demonstrate courage.
Our live theater will work to diversify audiences, and utilize theater to bring racial groups together in a community which embraces similarities and fosters dialogue, understanding and acceptance. Our aim is to improve the quality of life for low income families and the community. Our programs and services will help meet basic needs for employment, housing, health care, and education through our advocacy, social services, self-empowerment, and self-awareness. GRCAI will provide hope and resources for those who lack life’s essentials. Under our charity program we will focus on Education, Health & Wellness, Community Research and Social Service.

My Cause (Help Stop The Genocide In American Ghettos)


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