(Understanding Biological Warfare, Media Propaganda & Organizing The Global Black Family)


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With that being said tonight's segment is entitled (Understanding Biological Warfare, Media Propaganda & Organizing The Global Black Family)

We're going to touch on several issues on tonight's podcast. Please put this video podcast on blast by sharing it with all of your friends on social media thanks. Let's begin with Understanding Biological Warfare. In the 1960's black men were standing up for the black community fighting against white supremacy while putting their lives on the line. This became a problem for the Financial elites and their social order. The Financial elites decided to divide the black community by allowing the black middle class professionals to integrate into their neighborhoods. Then they begin integrating the public schools while prescribing behavior drugs to black children. They also begin flooding the black ghettos with street drugs, guns and liquor stores.

I found an interesting video by Dr. Mumbi about a mad scientist who had a racist hidden agenda which was to infect South Africans with AIDS as a way to annihilate the black population. In West Africa Liberia a few years ago the Ebola out break happen. Black People have been living in Africa for thousands of years they did not have such disease until the arrival of Europeans don't take my word for it we are in the information age do the research. America has a patent on the Ebola vaccine.

What's going on COVID-19? The new laws and regulations that these politicians are implementing boils down to money. For example, if a person travels to another country they have to take the COVID test and if they have the virus they have to stay in a hotel for 14 days. For me it seems that money is driving this whole agenda.

The next topic Media Propaganda. We're in the middle of a propaganda war. We need to educate ourselves about propaganda. I warned black people that the main stream media was going to increase their anti-black propaganda to drive attention away from black racism. Negroes who are on television and working for the mainstream media these are people you should not listen to. You never see white entertainers speaking for white society. We're told if someone is on television these people should be listen to because they have certain knowledge that others don't have. When the mainstream media puts someone on television they use the media to give that person some sort of legitimacy. Those persons are chosen by the financial elites because they are willing to do anything to be in the In Crowd.

When they started this anti-black propaganda that black people are attacking Asians I warned you that they are going to get these **** Negroes to cape for them. Black People have been patronizing their businesses for 50 years but it has not been reciprocated. We've gave them an economic based. I believe this propaganda was created by white supremacist, the Asian community and the black boule class. This is convenient way to completely take the focus off of anti-black targeting of us.

The political left wing were trying to blame Donald Trump for all the anti-black sentiment. This is why they spoke openly about racism and white supremacy because they could point to the MAGA crowd. Now that Trump is gone and the Democrats have both the Senate and The House now they are ready to change the subject. They created this propaganda that black people are attacking Asians. The mainstream media start using these random incidents of black people attacking Asian Americans in order to promote a new crime bill. You have these bought and paid for Negroes running around talking about Stop Asian Hate. The other day there was a shooting in Atlanta a suspected white supremacist went into a massage parlor and killed several Asian people. I knew the mainstream media was going to flip the story back to black people attacking Asians. Most of the attacks happening to Asian People is by White People which is going unreported.

According to Fox 2 News Biden Condemns Anti-Asian Hate After Call For Passage OF COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act. This new crime bill is going to target us. According to the New York Post Andrew Yang gets mixed reaction after calling for NYPD funding at a rally. They got this anti-black propaganda talking about black people are attacking Asians at the same time there's been a defund the Police Movement and you got these politicians who are trying to get more funding to the police and at the same time they want to get more crime bills against black people. They're all working with each other to justify getting funds for the police and more crime bills to subjugate us.

The Asian community are getting certain benefits and privileges based on proximity to whiteness. I have a video clip of an Asian woman admitting that listen. She's telling the truth this is a person who's in the culture. There was an article on NBC talking about black people should be better allies to Asians because of all of the anti-Asian hatred. My question was where were our allies when police officer Peter liang killed Akai Gurley? There were no allies the Asian community supported Peter liang. Where are all these allies when black women were being physically assaulted in Asian nail shops? Black People have to get out of this habit of caping for other groups. Family y'all can't co-sign anything that these white supremacists are sending your way we have to be on code. We have to understand when they're trying to set us up you can not assist them in doing that. We're not responsible for the actions of one individual. The president is talking about hate crimes, resources and executive orders for Asian People yet we don't get anything for Black People who have been harmed for years.

You had a 9 year old black girl who was pepper sprayed by a Rogue Cop. No body was punished. In Texas, a Rogue Cop shot indiscriminately at a car that a suspect jump into. A one year old was shot in the head and is barely surviving. We don't have time to be cape for everybody when we're out there being slaughtered. Through the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement we will confront and destroy this Willie Lynch mentality from black society. The Financial elites trojan horse was Barack Obama has been delegitimized by the black grass roots. The strategy by the mainstream media is to white wash black people's campaign against white supremacy by using a diversion blacks attacking Asians. There's no equivalent of a George Zimmerman or a Latasha Harlins in all these decades.

The talkshow called The Real tried to discuss the issue of attacks against Asian Americans. We don't have a black hate crime task force. Mainstream media is trying to fabricate and orchestrate a false grievance that does not exist. Why because that's propaganda. Propaganda has nothing to do with reality. If you can get enough people to repeat the propaganda that's all you need. The video from Now This is the same video of a person pushing an elderly Asian man to the ground. This is not happening across the country. When the mainstream media try to launch their propaganda the New Voices of Black Media will respond by doing a truth counter offensive. This is the time for us to start practicing group economics. We need to stop supporting Asian businesses across the board. I read an article from the Washington Post entitled "83 Year Old Asian American Woman Spat On An Punched So Hard She Black Out" The Washington Post did not say anything when elderly black women were getting beat up by Rogue Cops.

According to Derek Hawkins authorities in White Plains, N.Y., arrested a man who they say spat on and punched an 83-year-old Korean American woman on a busy street in the New York City suburb this week, marking the latest high-profile case in an increasing trend of violence targeting Asian Americans nationwide. The victim was walking alone near a shopping center Tuesday evening when police say Glenmore Nembhard, 40, attacked her without provocation, striking her so hard that she hit her head on the ground and blacked out. When she regained consciousness, the man was gone, according to police.

It wasn’t immediately clear how investigators identified Nembhard as her assailant, but police said they arrested him early Thursday morning in the vicinity of the attack. He was charged with second-degree assault on a person 65 or older, a felony that carries up to seven years in prison. Police described him as a homeless Black male, and court records show he has been arrested by White Plains officers on at least four other occasions in the past year. What I got from the article is that when White Rogue Cops kill a black person that's not a hate crime. No one is giving the suspect a mental health evaluation. Just understand the difference between how we're treated in the Criminal Justice System.

Family an 83 year old Asian American Woman being spat on and hit is a high profile case. Meanwhile black people have to sue media outlets just to get them to report about unarmed black people who have been killed by Rogue Cops but in America that's not enough to be a high profile case. Notice in the article no body is saying we need more facts. Meanwhile black people are being racially profiled, targeted and shot down by Rogue Cops yet that does not carry a felony. The problem is the prosecutors rarely treat it as a felony when it comes to us. Asians don't have to march in the streets to get a hate crime bill. Asian Americans all of a sudden getting all kinds of access and options that Black People are not getting. For example, they have access to the district attorney's hate crime group. I am convinced that if this article was about black people The Washington Post would not be report this the same way. I found another article by The Washington Post entitled "State Troopers Texted About The Whoopin They Gave A Black Man" I am not going to read the entire article I provide it on my transcript from my Medium Page for more information.

According to the article, Shortly after four Louisiana State Police troopers allegedly beat a Black man who had surrendered following a high-speed chase, the officers of Troop F sent 14 text messages to brag about the “whoopin’ ” they had given to 29-year-old Antonio Harris, according to court filings. “He gonna be sore tomorrow for sure,” trooper Jacob Brown group-texted his colleagues in May, the filings allege. “He’s gonna have nightmares for a long time,” trooper Dakota DeMoss allegedly said of what unfolded in Franklin Parish, La. “Warms my heart knowing we could educate that young man,” Brown replied.

The court filings from earlier this month, which were first reported by Sound Off Louisiana, come weeks after four White officers — Brown, DeMoss, George Harper and Randall Dickerson — were arrested on accusations of excessive force, lying about multiple arrests and turning off their body cameras. Black People can't call the police about a hate crime because it's the police committing the hate crimes.
When you're black it requires an act of Congress and the FBI because the state won't do anything. The police just sat their turned off their cameras and started beating on this man. They tell us this isn't a hate crime. These are state funded Rogue Cops who are still not imprisoned. You have thousands of Rogue Cops who have track records of targeting and assaulting black people. I chose these articles because I want black people to understand that this is real this is not a time to be divided. But the main stream media is telling America we need to focus on Asians.

All of these stories are coming out of California and New York. Black People are being shot in the back seven times. The mainstream media believe they found away to silence the discussion away from white supremacy this is why your so called left wingers and right wingers are united because both wings are part of one bird. Black People have to file law suits and in order for us to have an investigation of our claim. The Chinese are not putting out stories about what they are doing to black people in Africa and in China. It appears to me that the Chinese and Mainstream media have gotten together to neutralize the discussion about reparation and police brutality. If you are black and attempt to circulate videos of black people being murdered by the police Facebook, Twitter and Youtube will take down your video.

Our last topic Organizing The Global Black Family. We spend our productive years building up western nations yet complain about our social conditions in America, Europe and Canada. Black America is slowly waking up from the American dream and thinking about building up our continent where we were stolen from Africa. The Diaspora are not tourist nor foreigners we're displace Africans we did not choose to be enslaved. As members of the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement we want dual citizenship within 5 years in exchange for our talents and skills. The Diaspora have started to contribute to Africa through Reggae music which song about the liberation of Africa. Through GRCAI of Chicago we plan on bring such skills as Architect, Economics, Engineering and the Sciences. Sad to say many of our Black Middle Class Professionals don't work to benefit Black America. What mainstream media have done was display a negative stereo type about Africa they didn't tell us about the large amount of wealth Africa has. Through GRCAI of Chicago we plan on hosting African tours so that our brothers and sisters who have not been to Africa can enjoy beauty Africa has to offer. Those of us living in America is trying to fight for something that will never be ours.

I am reaching out to the Global Black Family Black America has rejected my plan for 29 years I don't have another 29 years to waste I want to connect with serious African entrepreneurs who own hotels and owners of travel agency I only want to do business with legitimate business people. In my Christian business corruption will not be tolerated. We want to start a manufacturing companies why because manufacturing is a thing we need to help develop Africa and create jobs for African youths which will help make the African economy grow.

In the past everything was build to improve Europe now it's up to the Diaspora and Continental Africans who join forces with us to change that we will start building our own industries from raw materials for African People on the continent. GRCAM will become Global Kemet in Africa focusing on solving African issues. I want to reach the masses and help our people who live in rural areas. If Africans put aside their differences and have reconciliation with themselves then the power that be would not have a foot hold in Africa. It's time for Africans to take control of our resources that God has given to us. We will create our own economy and if people want to trade with us it has to be at market rate. GRCAM Is Coming To Africa. We will also trade with our brothers and sisters who are trapped in American ghettos to help improve the inner cities in America.

The New Black Voices of Media is important because we will cover the stories that the mainstream media avoids. We are slowly growing as much as possible. It's great being on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, Youtube is a viable platform but at the end of the day it's not our platform. They can say we don't want you to talk about racism and white supremacy. I don't want to be in a position where social media can decide what I can and can't say. That's why I am trying to connect with black people who are IT (Information Technologist) to help me build our own platform and app.

The United States is one of the most violent places on the planet. We have the highest prison population. Black People are killed by Rogue Cops with impunity. If you look at the history of how it was formed how can anyone be proud of how this land was acquired and the slave labor that built it. The systematic racism which still continue to this day. Black America is all about symbolism and having a so called minority coalition. What are you fighting for in America? Our community is being gentrified and we only have a small grace period left before things get even worse for Black Americans. For 17 years I've been trying to teach my members about turning my ideas into a real Black Christian business (GRCAI of Chicago). I try to explain Ezekiel 34:11-16, Genesis 15:13-14 and Deuteronomy 28:68 The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement will take the lead to first get our film fully funded and made so that we can do all of the things which I have written in my revised book. So far I only raise $400.00 I am asking every black person on my friends list and in my social groups to please work with me and Sister Rena in raising $500K so that I can hire professional film crew and quality actors to get my story on the Big screen in order to reach the masses. Without black support I am unable to do my job and all I can do is pray and watch our children and people continue to die in the streets of America.

The proceeds from the film will allow me to hire black middle class professionals, buy office equipment and purchase property in Chicago as well as in Africa. We will raise the bar in Black America. We will move from behind a computer an make an impact in the Black Community. We will connect the Diaspora with Continental Africans during our African tours. I will encourage my members to apply for dual citizenship with me in Africa. In time I will turn over the business to responsible black people within the business so that I can take my talents and skills to the continent. Since Black America has rejected my plan & vision for 29 years my organization will be membership based and private. Those who are not part of us we will pray for them show them tough love and keep it focus. We will only work with black families that want to utilize our programs and services. This is not business as usual this is personal. Young people between 18 and 35 this organization is for you and your children's children. I am just the spiritual leader Jesus/Yeshua gave me the vision and I claim ownership. GRCAI is based on my experience.

Our lives are threatened here in America. Black People are so quick to fight against each other where is that same fight against white supremacy? Black People have been taken our cultural Q's from the same people who have enslaved us the Financial elites. We been told that the strategy for undoing white supremacy has to be approved by white society. They told our grandparents the strategy should be non-violence or push for integration. Every time we turn around they're telling us what strategy we should use to dismantle white supremacy. The society that hoarding all the resources and have special privileges will not tell you destroy the same privilege they have. We as black people have to practice responsibility and maturity when it comes to our survival. Asian People are showing us how important it is to be on code and have an economic base. We can't go along with an evil system full of lies and deception which makes up white supremacy. We have to call that out.

Show and Prove

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