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Once GRCAM is established in Chicago I can guarantee you everyone that has rejected my call to work with me will be running to join my organization. It’s been 21 years that I have been pushing my vision in order to get others to join my team board of directors/ advisory board so that I can start my organization in Chicago and in 25 other cities in America. Still to this day I have no one on my board of directors. Out of 125,000 people that I correspond with from 300 social networks I only have three people actually working with me on my advisory board this is not acceptable Black America. I am here to fight for and be a voice to those innocent children that are being killed by the thousands each year who are trapped in American ghettos. I have no established black organizations in Chicago willing to work with me nor can I find any black churches from my former community to stand with me this is why I wrote my story “The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America” Second Edition. In order to bypass closed minded individuals in my city and online by taking my cause “Help Stop The Genocide in American Ghettos” to the general public. I thank God for perseverance and for allowing me to be in the information age. Those who have rejected working with me have no place in my organization or in my life and that’s real. I have something that no one else has in America for I have the answer to end gun violence, poverty, and structural inequality in Urban America and in America in general. Please read at least 20 of my blog entries especially "My African Connection" and "Who is Emmanuel Barbee and what is GRCAM?" in order to gain a better understanding of what I am trying to do for the low income African American communities in America starting in Chicago and eventually in 25 other cities in America and in Africa, Brazil, and the Caribbean Islands. Also I recommend that you listen to my latest business interview on the link below. If you agree with my vision then by all means purchase my book and join my free online groups in order to network with my supporters worldwide. Stay up to date on the progress of my book and my organization by continue to read my blog postings on my blog site below. I will be looking for actresses and models in my future film based on my book if interested purchase my book and keep the lines of communication open with me. For example, I am on 300 social networks on Myspace alone I correspond with 50,000 people alone and still I don’t have anyone on my board of directors. How long must I wait on you Black America to join my organization?

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