Getting Our House In Order, The Fall of American Empire, And The War Against Black Wealth In America


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I created (GRCAM) the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement because I got tired of all of the division among Black People. I created GRCAM in 1991 on a site called Gopher. I wanted to create an organization that focus specifically on solving black issues in America. I wanted to connect with other like-minded African Americans, Afro-Brazilians, Afro-Caribbeans, Afro-Europeans, African Immigrants and Afro-Latinos through out the Diaspora.

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With that being said tonight's segment is entitled (Getting Our House In Order, The Fall of American Empire, And The War Against Black Wealth In America)Before I present my presentation I would like to encourage all of my Christian friends from around the globe to please pray that Jesus/Yeshua would connect me with legitimate donors, sponsors, philanthropist and corporations who will help fund our film project so that I can be in a better position financially so that I can pay a production company who will assist me in hiring professional film crew and quality actors in Jesus name. Please hit that like button on my Youtube channel, subscribe to my channel and share with all of your friends this will help get the ball rolling.

The proceeds from the film will allow me to purchase office equipment, purchase property in Chicago and in Africa as well as hire Black Middle Class Professionals who will make sure that our business become effective and successful for years to come. Through GRCAI of Chicago I will declare war on this Willie Lynch mentality within black society as well as the Colonized mentality in Africa. I am not here for entertainment I can't sugarcoat genocide ain't nothing funny about a child having their brains blown out. There is something wrong with being black in America. Voting is a gimmick that's how the dominant society play on our emotions because as black people we are not allowed to create laws which will benefit our group.

Our first topic Getting Our House In Order - After the Million Man March I became distraughted I thought my voice was never gonna be heard because there were more people out there who were more flamboyant than me and many of them would say anything to win people over to there point of view. There were several things that I wanted to work on in order to fix the major problems in the black community and that was to focus on strengthening the black family and healing collectively from this Willie Lynch mentality within black society. The first thing was to expose "Sacred Cows" When people are oppressed you look at why they are being oppressed. We as black people don't challenge things or try to figure things out for ourselves.

We're living in a different time period than our grandparents. Who would ever thought that GRCAM members worldwide would play a major role in getting our story on the Big screen. According to our haters they told us that Africans will not accept the Diaspora because we can't trace which tribes we belong to. As I stated before once we get this film fully funded and made our next objective is to launch African tours once this virus is cleaned up. When some of my group members from Black Planet use to ask me why do I focus on Liberia I explained to them that there was something about the history of Liberia that's not being told. Our ancestors built a republic and that republic was recognized. I use to ask my group members did they know how long it took Rome to become a republic? I use to explained to my group members that Black Americans built communities in South Africa during the 1800s. Black Americans worked for U.S. companies in South Africa they created Sophia Town and towns in Johannesburg. Bishop Henry McNeal Turner built the (AME) African Methodist Episcopal Church. It was out of that movement that gave rise to the Pan African Congress and the ANC. George Washington Williams he was a Black American explorer to the Congo. He help exposed King Leopold. There's a reason why we don't know about the other part of our history because it threatens white supremacy.

If we as black people are depending on the public school system to properly educate our children then you are setting yourself up for failure. Other groups such as Jewish People build their own libraries, museums, cultural centers and synagogues. Black People who have read my revised book learned more about our history than they did from their public high school. Black People who participate on my free webinars learned about group economics, socio-economics, financial literacy and urban gentrification.

Our second topic The Fall of American Empire. American history is a history of white supremacist atrocities against black people. The only reason why the financial elites keep black people in control is because they make it seems like there is no other options for black people outside of the United States of America and that's not the case. The financial elites will not allow black people to create a black ownership class. We have lots of black people who are mayors, civil servant workers, and judges on the surface. Then you look at a large number of young black men with nothing to do in these big cities. You have all this satanic illuminati songs in Black America that deals with Misogyny, violence and murder. This system wants young black men and young black women to be immoral and weak.

All of the work we done on this platform to help raise the awareness about what's really going on in our inner cities across America is starting to resonate. We're pushing the narrative of our story and our ideology. Black People in America need an African Plan. Our goal is to encourage our members to apply for dual citizenship in Africa so that we can obtain an independent state on the African continent. I predict that these global empires the British, the French and America will sooner or later collapse. For example, on MSNBC you have commentators saying how racist American culture is becoming and this hurts it's credibility and moral standing in the world. In order for America to have legitimacy they need black people to be on the front lines defending America's reputation. How can America tell China about human rights violations when America does not treat it's black citizens fairly and with respect.

Ever since the murder of Travon Martin young black people have been have been protesting in the streets to display there disapproval of the handling of unarmed black males killed in the streets while being denied just from the Criminal Justice System in America. You had this non-stop narrative that's been pushed by the power that be at the time the Obama Administration all these black protesters were just a bunch of thugs. That's what the mainstream media was trying to tell us. In Great Britain you had the murder of a young woman named Sarah Everard who was killed by a Rogue Cop. The entire reason for the protest is because the police have been exposed.

The UK Government is preparing to enact an equivalent of the 94 Crime Bill. The British Parliament has begun discussing over a so called Police Crime Bill which is going to be massive piece of legislation. It would give the police greater powers in many areas of British law enforcement. The main thing that this bill has done which has outraged the public is that it's going to give the police total authority to decide whether or not the citizens can hold a protest. Even if the police allow you to have a protest they will have the authority to shut down your protest for any reason. In other words, the bill will allow the police to dictate the time a protest will start and when a protest will end. The police will also be able to dictate specific routes the protest will be held. The law makers say this is not a police state sure looks like one.

The Government in Britain is sending a message. The people in Britain can see what's happening. In the past the police had to negotiate with protesters. Britain citizens showed solidarity with the protesters in the United States during the George Floyd Protest. What started out as a protest against U.S. policy became a protest against UK policy. The mainstream media will do all that it can to misinform and disinform you that's why it's important to support this platform the New Black Voices of Media.

The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement is dedicated to raising the standard in Black society, morals and spiritual revival in the 21st Century.It has been 400 years that enslaved Africans were brought to America, no real justice has been done for our people. No reparations, no land of our own. What keeps us as bottom feeders in Western Civilization are the race traitors who walk around open and free with no fear of retribution for their treachery. The worst of these are Black Coons and Sellouts. This is what destroyed the Black Power movement in the 1960's. Coons posing as Black militantsinfiltratedblack organizations and began steering the movement off a cliff with criminal activity. They would like to take over (GRCAM) the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement not on my watch they know to stay clear.

The only panels that are raising the discussion about black economic empowerment are Black Americans because we're behind enemy lines. We need to look at our problems globally. We're 40 million and out of that you probably have 10 million authentic black people. Everybody else is fighting us as a team while we're out here trying to survive as individuals. If black people don't support their advocates then after while black people won't have any advocates. White Supremacy is a vicious evil cruel ideology. Moving back to the south will not solve our problems in America.

In contrast, on the continent the former colonizers have convinced Continental Africans that white people are superior. We as Black Americans don't buy into that and this is the tension between the Black community and the Asian community. The problem is black people have been patronizing Asian businesses for 50 years but it has not been reciprocated. We've gave them an economic based. When the LA riot happen public opinion was on the side of Asians because they assumed black people were jealous of Asians businesses in the black community. However, the mainstream media didn't tell you that the government was giving Asian businesses loans and lines of credit. Many Koreans had a contempt against black people. We as black people don't want to discuss investing in these African nations. According to NBC News the Biden Administration are allowing millions of Illegal Immigrants crossing the border to make sure that black people never have an opportunity to compete. They're going to overrun the black healthcare system in black areas. They will also overrun the job market. The financial elites have decided that it doesn't want to be a republic anymore it wants cheap labor because it has to feed it's growing debt.

What is a republic? A republic has borders, it has a common language and it has a culture. You have elected officials Congress men/Congress women and Senators aiding and abiding Illegal Immigrants across the border. They give them sanctuary cities to protect them from law enforcement. The financial elites hires Coons and Sellouts to do their biddings. Every time you see a black person on mainstream media such as CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, FOX and other outlets they're doing the biddings for white people. They will tell us we need to stop complaining and America is the best place to reside. Sovereign Citizens are the people who want to over throw the government they are always white men. The whole purpose of this podcast is for me to connect with other like minded black people. We're trying to build something positive for our racial group starting in Chicago.

Our Third topic The War Against Black Wealth In America. America's war on black wealth and why Black Americans or to be more specific American Descendants of Slaves need our reparations. I created (GRCAM) the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement because I wanted to create a place where like minded black people from around the globe can gather and discuss solving black issues locally, nationally and internationally. 12 years before Facebook was created I created GRCAM on many sites and posted discussion forums on about 300 social networks in all. The main sites that I visit on a daily basis was Gopher, Netscape, Tripod, Black Planet, Lycos, Yahoo, MSN and AOL. After 15 years of being ignored by established black organizations in Chicago including the black church. I decided to write and publish my story (The Solution For Black America) in 2010. I got rip off because I paid in full for editing and publishing come to find out they only published my book they did not edit. I was unable to hire a lawyer that's when Sister Rena came on the scene and assisted me in editing my revised book.

In 2004 I join Facebook and begin setting up my social groups on there. I tried to keep my Christian groups separate from my Secular groups. Over the years I notice many of the sites I was on where either shut down or they got rid of there groups. My goal this year is to encourage all of my group members to help me get our story on the Big screen by sharing this video podcast so that the world would take our cause serious.
Before Black Wall Street there was another successful black town in North Carolina that was destroyed by White Supremacists known as the Wilmington Massacre of 1898.

The white press in Wilmington described the event as a race riot caused by Black people, as was typical of such events. Since the late 20th century and further study, the insurrection has been characterized as a coup, the violent overthrow of an elected government, by a group of white supremacists. The coup was the result of a group of the state's white Southern Democrats conspiring and leading a mob of 2,000 white men to overthrow the legitimately elected government in Wilmington. They expelled opposition Black and white political leaders from the city, destroyed the property and businesses of Black citizens built up since the Civil War, and killed an estimated 60 to more than 300 people. It has been described as the only incident of its kind in American history, because other incidents of late-Reconstruction Era violence did not result in the direct removal and replacement of elected officials by unelected individuals.

The Wilmington coup is considered a turning point in post-Reconstruction North Carolina politics. It was part of an era of more severe racial segregation and disenfranchisement of African Americans throughout the South, which had been underway since the passage of a new constitution in Mississippi in 1890 which raised barriers to the registration of Black voters. I came across recent article in the LA Times entitled "A Tale of two Reckonings: How Should Manhattan Beach Atone For Its Racist Past?" According to the article the city of Manhattan Beach once seized a Black family’s oceanfront resort and ran an entire community of Black beachgoers out of town. A task force was formed an a apology drafted. But residents of this very white town have pushed back on the notion that they must atone for injustices committed almost a century ago. The same white supremacist attitude that created the problem is still there and defending what they had done. The article goes on to say as the city’s inaction captured more headlines and ignited greater calls for justice, one Los Angeles County official stepped in and did what she said felt obvious: apologizing to the Bruce family and agreeing that the land should be returned.

The article keeps talking about Manhattan Beach but they keep using the phrase Bruce's beach because white supremacist took the land and then renamed it because they want to rewrite history and erase atrocities. This is what a race war looks like. If you would like to know more about this article then go to my Youtube channel and under about section scroll down to my Medium Page to read my full transcript especially show and prove. These career politicians are trying to bait and switch to tell us about Illegal Immigrants and DACA kids who don't belong on the soil while you haven't done anything for black people who have get you into office. Think about family, the entire city rose up to target us this doesn't happen to any other group. And if it does they voluntarily immigrated to this country unlike our ancestor who were kidnap and force into enslavement. The Latinos have real estate yet my people who built this country don't have real estate there anymore because it was stolen. I am talking to the Latino community your children are allowed to come here illegally and live their dreams y'all need to stand with black people who gave you the ability to even come here. You and your people are enjoying all types of luxuries that you didn't fight for.

White Supremacy uses imminent domain as an ethnic cleansing weapon across the United States to destroy black neighborhoods. It's not accidental that we keep getting targeted. Charles and Wilma Bruce legacy was robbed and stolen if you want to raise your children in this environment then that's on you for those of you who are serious about taken our talents and skills to the continent connect with me and let's build satellite communities within the inner cities in at lease 10 cities. I am just trying to help my people who are trapped in American ghettos by connecting the black community with legitimate African entrepreneurs who can trade their products and services and vice versa. In time we will expand to the Caribbean as well as Brazil God willing. In Africa we are the majority and we have a better chance at surviving then remaining in the United States as sitting ducks.

White Supremacy is global. White Supremacy conquered the world 500 years ago. Africans got on ships and used it for tourism. Europeans got on ships to dominate other people's societies and created colonies around the globe. Chinese People used gun powder for celebrations. Europeans used gun powder for mass slaughter and domination. It got this way because White Supremacist stole the wealth from Africa and Brazil this is how Europe obtain it's wealth don't take my word for it we are in the information age do the research compare Europe dark ages to the present. Nothing is going to be straighten out until our debt is paid. Black Americans as a whole only owns 2% of the nations wealth while White Americans as a whole owns 90% of the nations wealth according to We do not have the option of ignoring this fact. Let's talk about it I am opening the phone lines through Facebook messenger.

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