Who is Emmanuel Barbee? And What is GRCAM?

My name is Emmanuel Barbee I am a Christian Socialist. A Christian socialist is socialism based on Christian values. A Christian socialist believes that socialism is the logical political choice for a Christian. Christianity is a religion not a political ideology; it is concerned with the human soul, and one could be a very good Christian without holding any political views at all. However, Christian socialists believe that some of the core values of Christianity are to help each other when in need, preserve the sanctity of life, and a rejection of excessive individualism promoted under capitalism.

In contrast, Capitalism encourages greed, selfishness, individualism and the pursuit of material profit at any cost. Capitalism does not force anyone to sin, but it encourages people to sin by rewarding sinful activities. Christians cannot logically support a system that rewards sin. In addition, the principles shared by all socialists Christian make the observation that all political decisions are at their core moral decisions. We believe these values are the most solid foundation for socialism, and socialism is the best way out of the spiritual, political and economic problems in this day and age. According to the book of Luke 2:1 “And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed.” Caesar created capitalism but I come to offer an alternative system GRCAM. Those under my leadership will reject being Caesar's subjects and in time will no longer have to pay taxes because we will create our own currency known as e-money. We will push towards advancing the kingdom of God. Those who remain under Caesar/Capitalism will continue to allow the financial elites to remain in power and dictate food prices, gas prices, medical cost, and taxes but don’t blame God for your financial woes. Before we can change the current system we must become un-Americanized and change our mind set. In GRCAM we as black people will deal head on with the Willie Lynch mentality in order to heal from the scars of slavery.

I am a social entrepreneur. A social entrepreneur uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create and manage a social venture to achieve a desired social change. The main aim of social entrepreneurs is to solve social, cultural, and environmental problems. I am a new urban author of the book “The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America.” This book is about my personal life experience growing up in the inner city of Chicago ghettos. I wrote this book because I lack support from established black organizations in Chicago. I also wrote this book to generate revenue/seed money to start my profit and nonprofit organization "The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement." I am the founder and President of the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement. GRCAM is a private for profit service base business that was created back in May of 1991. GRCAM has three main components. A social component, a spiritual component, and a political component. Our social component will assist single black mothers, single black fathers, and low income two parent families with goods and services such as employment base training programs which could provide jobs to our clients and members as well as teach those who want to start their own business within the community so that our people who reside in those communities can raise their children with dignity and in peace. We will provide a second change program for ex offenders so that they can become productive citizens and start a new life. Our spiritual component will meet the need to assist others in their spiritual growth by given a clear understand of God’s kingdom and their purpose in this organization. Our political component will create our own political party called the democratic socialist party which will deal with changing the current gun laws one city one state at a time. We will also send a message to Rogue Cops and Urban Terrorist in a constructive manner through our political component.

We will fulfill Dr. King's dream of ending poverty and structural inequality after we focus on ending gun violence in Urban America and in America in general. My creator has given me the answer on how to end gun violence, poverty, and structural inequality in America. We will also create a private school within our organization called “The Grass Roots Community Activist Institute.” We will offer four basic classes an acting class, journalism, oil painting, and a music workshop. In addition, We will offer onsite child daycare. Our private alternative school will focus on performing arts, oil painting, journalism, and a music workshop. The main purpose for GRCAM is to bring goods and services to low income African American community and to honor, encourage, salute, empower, uplift, and evangelize to those who reside in those communities. Furthermore, GRCAM will speak into the lives of the broken-hearted, help restore those from broken homes and heal from the scars of slavery, unite the black middle class, the black working class, the underclass and other racial groups who want to be a part of this organization, serve in ministry, promote teenage abstinence, and encourage the incarcerated as well as provide shelter to the homeless in our nonprofit business. GRCAM was created to encourage and uplift those who are going through trials, tribulations, provide financial intelligence, and couples/marital advice. GRCAM is focused on providing high quality service and customer satisfaction. I am gifted in the area of research I can find anything in print. I assist others who have accepted my hand of friendship with finding college scholarships – grants, small business grants; housing; legal services and employment on a national level all for free. Furthermore, I am a polished professional who provides nothing short of excellence in my work, integrity and service delivery, and someone who provides that little “extra” which makes those ordinary things “EXTRA ordinary that’s what I am seeking from others who will help me start his organization and manage it so that it could be effective and successful for years to come.

My goal of my book is to inform and recruit the best and brightest people who have read my book or will read my book and agree with my vision and all of the principles in my book to connect with me directly either on Facebook, Google Plus, Skype or on Yahoo Messenger. All I ask this that the person or persons have a two year degree or above in accountant; business administration; marketing; social work; finance; law; human resource consultant; business consultant; grant writing; insurance. Those without degrees can be on my advisory board so that everyone can have a voice. I want to start my organization first in my city Chicago. Once we’re established in Chicago then I plan on expanding GRCAM in 25 other cities and 25 states in America. Once we have chapters in 25 states then we will expand aboard to Africa, Brazil, and the Caribbean Islands. At this time I am only seeking 30 people in the United States that agree with what I am trying to do for my people that are trapped in American Ghettos to work with me directly by coming to Chicago and assisting me in turning my vision into reality. GRCAM is open to all racial groups and all law abiding citizens. If the black community support me and accept the principles behind this movement then I can move from behind a computer into 25 major ghettos in American cities. I want those of you who are serious about doing something to improve our community and our race as a whole to help me start this organization by first purchasing my as is book until I am able to get my revised book published. Read the entire book. If you agree with my vision and all of the principles then send me your name and number to my Facebook inobox. If you are not comfortable with exchanging numbers then send me your Yahoo email so that we can chat live on Yahoo Messenger or on Skype. My Skype screen name is manwell4mankind. I plan on doing a book tour in 25 cities and states where I plan on setting up local chapters. Once my book becomes a best seller then I want to turn it into a movie so that everyone would know my story and what I am trying to do for the African American community and for the black race worldwide. If you are an entrepreneur then I will encourage my supporters to support your business. If you are looking to become an entrepreneur then my organization will teach you how to and we will work with you until it materialize. If you are seeking employment as soon as I am able to get this organization established and if you become a member of GRCAM we will hire you based on our budget and job openings. In GRCAM we will expose the wolves in sheep clothing by putting scammer’s on our Judas list. We will do a back ground check on everyone once GRCAM is established to weed out trouble makers. This organization is open to all racial groups and all law abiding citizens. We will do cooperative alliances with other organizations beyond the black community. In this organization we will attempt to confront and solve our social problems within and beyond our community. This organization will lead the second Reconstruction in Black America and I want everyone to benefit from this organization. I need brave and smart people to help me turn my vision into reality. If you think you have what it takes then make yourself known to me this is how I get down. GRCAM is a kingdom driven organization with purpose and vision.

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